Dr Bob Crabtree | download CV | is the Chief Executive of CJC Consulting. He has over 20 years' professional experience in economic consultancy. Originally an agricultural economist he now focuses on policy analysis and has a strong research and project record in forestry, recreation, and environmental issues. He has worked as a consultant for OECD and the European Commission, and has undertaken numerous studies for Defra, the Forestry Commission, environmental agencies and NGOs. Bob Crabtree has published over 100 journal papers and reports.

Neil Chalmers provides computing, database management and data analysis skills. He has experience in survey design, quantitative modelling and data analysis in the UK and a number of developing countries. He has worked with CJC Consulting on many of our major projects.

Steve Westbrook has some 35 years of experience in economic analysis focussed on economic impact analysis, project evaluation, and appraisal of new development projects. Steve has been at the forefront of methodological developments in economic impact analysis, and has advised Highlands and Islands Enterprise on ways of measuring and monitoring productivity, the growth of account managed companies and the long term impacts of major projects. Recent impact assessments have covered a range of major projects, including renewable energy, nature-based tourism, salmon farming and processing, timber processing, transport logistics, engineering, resort development, new hotel development, arts facilities, food processing, and a major research hub. Steve is director of the University of the Highlands and Islands’ Economic Intelligence Unit.

Daisy Macdonald has a first class honours degree in economics and ecology and has worked with CJC Consulting on numerous evaluations relating to forestry, agri-environment and recreation. She has published on critical natural capital, Less Favoured Area policy in the EU and the benefits from public access to the countryside. Daisy is widely experienced in survey design, operation and analysis.

CJ C Consulting works with a large number of associates throughout the EU who provide specialist expertise for projects in areas that include:

  • ecology, conservation management and biodiversity
  • forest ecology and biodiversity
  • hydrology, catchment modelling and water industry issues
  • landscape assessment and evaluation
  • access, recreation and tourism
  • timber markets and timber processing
  • social impacts of policy measures


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