Economic and policy analysis
Extensive experience in applying economic analysis to a wide range of issues in agriculture, forestry, environmental management, diffuse pollution, regional economics and rural development. Specialist in policy design and evaluation using cost benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, investment appraisal, benefit valuation, and economic impact modelling. 

Survey design and statistical analysis
Experienced in qualitative and quantitative survey techniques, questionnaire design and the running of large scale face-to-face, postal and email surveys using appropriate sampling frames.  Skilled in undertaking surveys of stakeholders, specialised groups (e.g. farmers, businesses, rural service providers) and the public.

Forestry economics and policy
Published extensively on forestry economics and policy and has undertaken evaluations of government and EU financed forestry schemes in England and Scotland.  Completed a number of studies for the Forestry Commission, DEFRA and H.M. Treasury including the cost benefit analyses of forestry in England, the evaluation of the public forestry estate in Scotland, supporting advice to the Independent Panel on Forestry and an assessment of the cost-effectiveness of forestry options for carbon abatement.

Recreation/ access benefits and economic impacts
Experienced in measuring the public benefits from enhanced access and applying cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis to recreation and tourism development. Undertook the cost-benefit study of options for improving access to the English coast and the development of new mountain bike trails in England. Researched the costs of public access to landowners and occupiers, and quantified the benefits and impacts from enhanced access to woodlands and the countryside.

Environment/agri-environment and climate change
Contributed to the DEFRA reviews of agri-environment policy measures, set-aside policy and the cost-effectiveness analysis of PSA targets for SSSIs.  Assessed for DEFRA the impact on net carbon emissions of alternative woodlands species and management systems including energy forestry.  Developed investment appraisal software over 200-year horizons for comparing the cost-benefit of alternative forestry planting options in regions of the UK on net carbon abatement. 

Water quality and catchment management
Managed a number of multidisciplinary teams to investigate issues in water quality, integrated catchment management and design of instruments for water resource protection. Recent projects for DEFRA include MACC curve assessment of nitrate mitigation mechanisms, and the valuation of secondary costs and benefits (ammonia and greenhouse gases) from mitigation options designed to reduce diffuse nitrogen and phosphorus pollution. Also analysed the cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies for meeting the requirements of the Nitrates Directive and Water Framework Directive including agricultural options for alleviating nitrate levels in drinking water.

Rural development
Experience in establishing the regional case for EU structural funds and in advising agencies on strategy for accessing structural funds. More recently evaluated environmental programmes financed under the Structural Funds, research into the funding of rural community buildings and their benefits (DEFRA), and the evaluation of DEFRA’s Enterprise for Inclusion programme.

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