We offer a wide range of economic, research and multi-disciplinary services mainly on issues relating to European and UK policy measures, including devolved responsibilities in Scotland and Wales. We offer professional services on:

Policy formulation for the land use and environment sectors – analysis of current measures with recommendations for how policy should best be developed.

Policy evaluation - evaluation of the success and impacts of existing government/agency policies in forestry, agriculture, fisheries, water, recreation, environment and conservation.

Benefit valuation – application of state of the art economic techniques for quantifying welfare benefits to the public from measures to improve the environment and facilitate recreation and tourism.

Measuring economic impacts –direct and indirect impacts of policy on incomes and employment. We specialise in quantifying the rural and regional impacts of land use, recreation and environmental measures.

Cost benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis - We provide expertise in national level cost –benefit analysis including non-market benefits. We identify the most cost-effective routes for government to achieve its goals.

Multi-disciplinary environmental projects - in conjunction with our associates we offer services that combine economic, ecological, scientific and social disciplines.

Surveys – survey design and analysis for policy evaluation and impact assessment.

Business investment and planning - business plans and investment appraisal for NGOs and the environment sector.


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